Welcome to TLS Equestrian

TLS Equestrian is a small equestrian business based in South Wales run by Tash Smith with the help of her family.

Tash is a Classical Dressage Trainer trained by internationally renowned classical seat trainer Heather Moffett.


Tash is an Enlightened Equitation Teacher and uses Heather’s simple and easy to understand methods in both her teaching and training enabling horse and rider to work effortlessly in harmony.

Tash, unlike many others, does not use “training aids” in her training and does not believe in force of quick fixes. Good correct training and an understanding of both rider and horse biomechanics is all that is needed.

Tash also regularly practices the use of Positive Reinforcement (or clicker training) within her work. Horses with behavioural or training issues benefit from this massively as opposed to brute force and bullying and come away calm, happy and relaxed.

Tash teaches regularly in the South Wales area, from Caerphilly to Pontypool, but also travels to Hereford once a week. Although she is currently at maximum capacity for students, she does have a waiting list if you would like to be added. She specialises in schooling small native ponies and teaching novice riders, but is able to school and teach any and all abilities in a kind, calm relaxed manner.

​Tash is also a HM Saddle Fitter and is available for saddle fittings around the South Wales area. Some demo saddle appointments are also available.

Tash posts regular training videos on her Youtube and Facebook page. These videos cover everything from the very basics up to more advanced work, incorporating ground work as well as ridden work.

In the coming years Tash hopes to train as an equine sports massage therapist as well as take the Horse Bit Fit course to extend her knowledge further, enabling her to help and advise more horses and owners.


Tash is constantly reading books and watching training videos to ensure her continuous learning so that her horses and clients can benefit.

We hope you will join us on our journey at TLS Equestrian on our Facebook Page.

Team TLS